Oil Extraction Plant Soloma produce sunflower unrefined oil in accordance with DSTU 4492:2005 grade 1st, sunflower meal in accordance with DSTU 4638:2006 and fuel pellets.

Sunflower Oil

Flexible pricing system, individual approach to each customer. Pickup and assistance in organizing the delivery of raw materials is possible.
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Refined sunflower oil Ukraine

The agricultural sector is the most powerful part of the country's economy and one of the competitive advantages of Ukraine. Especially in the sphere of grain crop production.

Fertile ground and favourable climate conditions combined with modern technical and processing base offer the opportunity to grow qualitative raw material and to produce top quality products without overvalue. 

One of the most widespread grain crops in Ukraine is oil sunflower. Annually 4,5 – 5 ha of cultivation area are sowed with sunflower in our country.

The most popular product which is produced from sunflower seeds is sunflower oil. It is profitable to buy sunflower oil by wholesale just from Ukrainian manufacturers. Manufacturers guarantee the best correlation of quality and price of sunflower oil in Ukraine.

Production of sunflower oil

Oil extraction plant Soloma specializes in the manufacture and sale of  top quality sunflower oil and other products from the sunflower seeds. Over the last 5 years of efficient work the company entered the group of oil extraction market leaders and earned customer loyalty both in Ukraine and abroad.

Today the company is the leading manufacturer and exporter of sunflower oil in Ukraine. Manufacturing capacity of the plant gives the possibility to process 150 000 t of seeds per year which is equivalent to 70 000 t per year of sunflower oil and about 68 000 t of sunflower oil meal.

Manufacture comprises the complete cycle of oil-plant seed processing: beginning from the raw material receiving and storage and ending with its processing into the end product  - sunflower oil according to DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) 4492: 2005 sort 1.

Sunflower oil for sale

Oil extraction plant Soloma offers sunflower unrefined oil of I sort by wholesale for export. Only the best raw material is used in oil manufacture. Manufacturing process is always under constant laboratory control which allows to keep product quality on a higher level.

Entering into cooperation with us you can count on flexible pricing pattern and personal approach in contractual relationship formation. Product supplies are carried out according to INCOTERMS 2014. Pick-up and assistance in raw material delivery organization are possible.