Oil extraction plant Soloma is one of the leaders in the manufacture of products derived from sunflower seeds.

Sunflower meal

High-proteins sunflower meal are supplied to the domestic market of Ukraine and exported to the countries of near and far abroad. All our products comply with European quality standards.
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Why is it very profitable to buy oil meal in Ukraine?

Because of developed agricultural sector in Ukraine, especially the branch of grain crop growth and processing, sunflower oil meal is produced in large amounts. According to these factors Ukraine takes the third place in the world after Argentina and Russia. It is profitable to buy sunflower oil meal in Ukraine by two reasons.

Firstly, due to the large production volumes the price for oil meal in Ukraine is significantly lower in comparison with the other countries.

Secondly, fertile ground and favourable climate conditions have a favourable influence on the quality of raw material out of which we get oil meal of high quality with excellent characteristics.



The price of sunflower meal

As a leader in manufacturing of products from the sunflower seeds in Ukraine, our company offerswholesale supply of sunflower oil meal both in Ukraine and for export.

Modern manufacturing lines allow to reduce costs significantly and to provide customers with qualitative oil meal of any extent and at an attractive price. The use of the best sorts of oil-plants, laboratory control at all stages of production and keeping the storage conditions offer the opportunity to carry out the delivery of sunflower oil meal of exclusive quality.

Sunflower oil meal is the qualitative product for animal breeding and poultry industry


During sunflower seed processing in order to extract oil we receive one of the most valuable products – oil meal.

Sunflower oil meal is regularly used in the process of formula feed manufacturing and for farm animal feeding up. It is characterized by high content of protein and a low fat content. Moreover, sunflower oil meal has B vitamins, vitamin E, phosphorus and useful microelements. Oil meal is often used for chicken feeding up as it is free of antinutrients and can be used from one- or two-week-old.

If you have the aim to increase livestock yield, weight gain or to improve the quality of agricultural products such as meat, milk and eggs, try to buy sunflower oil meal and use it for such problem solving.


Sunflower oil meal is added to the formula feed composition for farm animals and poultry not only for encreasing its nutritive value and usefulness. The use of sunflower oil meal in agricultural sector is also economically sound as it allows to reduce feed costs significantly.

The use of sunflower oil meal in particular is rational as its price is significantly lower than, for example, soybean oil meal.