Oil extraction plant Soloma has been engaging in oil-plant processing since 2009.

Sunflower oil manufacturers

Key areas of activity is manufacture and sale of top quality sunflower oil as well as by-products of sunflower seed processing - sunflower oil meal and fuel pellets.
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Oil Extraction Plant Soloma

Oil Extraction Plant Soloma is engaged in processing of oil seeds from 2009 year. We produce sunflower unrefined oil in accordance with DSTU 4492:2005 grade 1st, sunflower meal in accordance with DSTU 4638:2006 and fuel pellets.

Our company is one of the leaders in the manufacture of products derived from sunflower seeds. Our customers include major international and Ukrainian companies - retail companies, farms and fuel suppliers.

Our crushing capacity stands at 150,000 MT of sunflower seed per year, equivalent to 70,000 MT per year of bulk sunflower oil and about 68,000 MT of sunflower meal.

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Raw materials (sunflower seeds) are purchased directly from the manufacturer in the eastern and central regions of Ukraine, passing before processing strict quality control according to all sanitary standards and requirements.

Sunflower unrefined oil and high-protein's sunflower meal are supplied to the domestic market of Ukraine and exported to the countries of near and far abroad. Shipment of finished products is carried out by trucks and rail transport. Deliveries are made according to Incoterms 2010.

All our products comply with European quality standards.


Flexible pricing system, individual approach to each customer. Pickup and assistance in organizing the delivery of raw materials is possible.